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Hello Dear friends I am here with my experience, first of all I would like to thanks to Iss and its readers who had read my story & replied me, I am really very thankful to you all that you had encouraged me to write this story again. Dear friends, my name is Suresh(name changed) 28 years old from Bangalore .And dear girls and aunties, sex is not a crime, it’s a game, it’s a game of hungriness so don’t die with the hungriness, be free with me and give me a chance to serve you with pleasure. And I promise that I will keep it very secret, and for any comments/suggestions you can mail me at: abcd_blore@yahoo.com . Here is my story, before I start my story, I heartily thanks to Iss, because this is a story, which happened to me in last month when my first story was published in this site, After publishing my first story, I got good response from Some ladies and 3 girls, and they are eagerly wanting to meet me, but in that 1 lady who is not from Bangalore, said that she wants to meet me and she came Specially to Bangalore to meet me. Her name is Nandini (name is changed); she is 38 years old, she called me that she arrived in Mumbai (I had given my phone number in her mail) and said that she is going to stay in the hotel. So on that day I went to her @ 11am. When I knocked the door, she said to come in, and when I entered into the room I was shocked that this lady who is 38+ was gorgeous with 38-34-40, she is really good looking, that she don’t look like 40. She is in her nighty and didn’t wear any bra; I can clearly saw her nipples through it. Then she said, “I am eagerly waiting for you, would you like to have something”, I said that yet, I didn’t had my breakfast and after my Work I came directly to meet her, so she called up for ..Room Service and ordered lunch for two packs. Then we started chatting for sometime in that she questioned me, that those story I wrote is true or not, I said that its my real life story, and again she questioned that to how many ladies did I fucked, I said till now I had fucked 2 women’s, 2 girls who met me online.

Till that time we got our lunch in our room, and we did our lunch and after our lunch we sat on the bed and she sat beside me. And again she started, “What you wrote about the Aunt episode is possible” I was in good mood and her closeness to me was making me for the arouse. I told her "Nandini aunty, you came for me and still you have a doubt that the fucking session is possible or not", She said "what did you think when you saw me?" I told her that my mind was blown and my first thoughts were "Wowee, this aunt of mine is really sensual" Her hand started rubbing my chest, and I placed my hand across her thighs, realizing that she had no panties on also. She turned towards me, leaned forward and kissed me full on the lips, pushing her tongue into my mouth. My hand slipped up to her breasts cupping one, then the other. Her hand went into my pants, taking hold of my semi-erect cock. We remained like that for about five minutes, and then broke our embrace. She stood up and lifted her nightie over her head, and I removed my shirt and pant. She was beautiful to look at, her breasts with dark brown large areola topped with light brown erect nipples. She came and lay down next to me, telling me "let us enjoy the moment" I took her in my arms, enfolding her, and her hands were in my hair, on my back and then between my legs. I had grown erect, and she pushed me down on my back, and then sat as to ride me. I inserted my erect cock into her warm cunt, sliding in easily. Her hands were now on my shoulder, her Head thrown back as she moved her vagina against my penis. Her breasts were dangling in front of my face and I raised my head and started sucking on her already erect and hard nipples. Her eyes were closed, and soft ", yes, my, yes" was emitting from her. I was groaning with The pleasure that I was experiencing. I had had sex before but this was something different. She told me "Suck harder on my

Nipples, squeeze both my breasts together and take both nipples in your mouth, bite them lightly" I did so, and her moans increased, while the feeling on my cock became wet with her juices. I felt my self coming and told her so. She said "I too am coming hold on for just a minute" I managed to do so, and then we both came together. I exploded into her while at the same time she did too, collapsing on top of me, both of us holding each other tight, as we reached our climax. As the tension eased out of our bodies, we started kissing and mauling each others bodies. Till we were completely at ease. Then she lifted herself off me and we lay sideways, our arms around each other. She asked me "Are you happy, I am. And this will be our secret" I said "I am happy and yes, this will remain our secret. I am now looking forward to the rest of your stay here. I know it is going to be wonderful for me" She said "For me too" After lying together for some time, she told me "Always call me Nandini darling, because I want to feel that you are my husband, my lover, my darling" I told her "ok dear I will call you Nandini Darling" She said "raj darling remember, this is our secret, and I want you to do things for me, something that I have only dreamt about. Will you?" I told her "Darling, whatever you want. For me its my job to give you full satisfaction" She told me "Darling, now please just suck my breasts and rub you hand on my pussy" Her nipples were hard and extended to nearly 1-1/2 inch, almost black and her areola were dark brown. Her Pussy was wet and her clitoris was extended to nearly an inch. She kept moaning with her ", , I love that, don't stop, yes" The feel of her nipples in my mouth was wonderful. She suddenly said "Suck my breasts from below", lifting her breasts so that I got the undersides of them. As I sucked, there were marks coming on her skin and I told her. She said "I want that because they are your love bites" My cock was semi-erect, but I continued sucking her breasts and rubbing her pussy. Till she climaxed once more. She said "Wow that was great.

Never have I achieved this kind of an experience. I wish my husband was good to me like you are" I told her "Darling, you are just wonderful" She then told me "Sham, now relax for sometime, because I want you to experience happiness just like I have" We did so, just holding each other. Her body was warm and inviting, her thighs across mine, her hand fondling me. It was something different from the sex I had before with others. Whatever happened must have made me tired, because I fell asleep in her arms, as she caressed me, running her hands thru my hair, over my back, thighs, and arms. When I woke up, I found her sitting up in bed, her hand just caressing my hair. She said "raj you look beautiful asleep" I asked her "Nandini Darling did you not sleep" She said "How could I? You have given me such pleasure, and I enjoyed just watching you sleep and I wanted your energy to return so that you could fuck me again. See, your cock is already hard and I know that you will last longer now that you have re-energized yourself with rest" I did have a hard-on, my cock erect and hard. She told me "This time, kneel between my thighs and slowly insert your cock into my pussy till you are fully in, then lie on top of me for some time, I want to feel your hard cock inside me. My husband only used to get hard, then stroke three or four times and Discharge his load. With you I have enjoyed like never before and I want what I used to dream of as a young girl but have only now experienced. Go slow with your strokes when you are fucking me, do not be fast" I told her "Nandini Darling, I told you whatever you want" Then I knelt between her legs, and slow entered her, and I reached fully, I lay on top of her telling her "Darling, the

Feel of your breasts against my chest is fantastic" She took my face in her hands, and saying "Kiss me" locked her lips with mine. This time, I shoved my tongue into her mouth, and she started sucking on It, which felt really good. After a while she said "Now start stroking in and out of me, but slowly, not fast" My hands were besides her shoulders, and I did go slow for the next ten minutes, till she climaxed and as she did she contracted her cunt muscles, making me come too. After we were again easy, she said "Sham, I will ask you to do certain sexual acts with me, will you do it for me" I told her "Nandini , I am yours for whatever you want done to you so that you can achieve what you wanted". Then she took out his purse from which she paid Rs.3000/- to me. I said thank you. Now it was 7 pm, I said I have to go, but she said that she had only time till tomorrow evening because she has to reach her home that night so she don’t want to waste her time and she requested me to stay with her till she left for her. Then for a moment I felt silent and later on I called up to my dad and said that my friend had came from Bangalore and he is leaving tomorrow night so I will be with him till he left for home, and I convinced my dad to allow me for that. At 8 pm, she said lets go for shopping, so I took her to the life style, where she bought something for her and she bought two pairs of trousers and T-shirts for me. And then we had dinner. It was around 9.30pm, she said lets go for a movie. So I took her to the Fame Adlabs In Lokhandwala, but for our bad luck we didn’t have any movie tickets. So we went back to the hotel at 10.30pm. When we got into the room, suddenly she hugged me tightly and said “I want a fuck in doggy style" I said "Ok Darling". And she got completely naked and said "

I want you to enter me from behind" and knelt with her backside to me, exposing her wet and ready cunt. She said "Enter me now, but when you are fully in, just lie on my back and press my breasts for a while till I tell you to fuck me" I slowly inserted my erect prick into her warm pussy, till I was fully in, then started pressing her breasts. She told me "That feels really good, having the length of you inside me, just remain like that for some time" I was kissing and biting her neck and shoulders, licking her ears and whichever part of her that was possible. She turned her face to me and kissed me, saying "You are really wonderful for me. I am a very satisfied woman, but there is something I will tell you later" After about five minutes of pressing squeezing and fondling her, she said "now fuck me hard, and slap my buttocks when you are doing it" I started really shoving hard in and out of her, slapping her buttocks which turned dark due to my slaps. She kept saying "yes darling, yes Sham, my Darling, this is what I want right now, continue, pls" Her head was moving from side to side as she moaned. The pleasure for me was even more for she kept contracting her cunt muscles and I could feel her tightening and loosening on my erect cock. She said "Now shove into me as hard as you can because I am nearly ready" I said "Nandini I too am coming, I cannot hold on much longer" and started really shoving in and out of her cunt. She said "Yes, baby, " I too came then saying "Nandini I am coming" She fell flat on her stomach, my cock still in her, emptying myself, her hands reaching behind and holding my buttocks, my hands

Squeezing her breasts real hard as we climaxed together. We remained that way for a while till I became flaccid and slipped out of her. I still remained on top of her just marveling at the pleasure. Then she told me "Lie by me, hold me close" I got off her and we lay down side by side. She said "my husband was having affair with his secretary, they roam in front of me as they like, I felt very jealous of them, so I thought to hire for this and I got you" I said "Nandini , when I saw you before, I never thought of you, but when I opened the door and saw you, I just lusted for you, because you are fantastic. You have given me pleasure that I could not have dreamt off" She said "Sham I need your help, could you come down to our place in the month of October for a weak because in that month my Husband has to go London on business purpose so I want you for that weak in my home in my bed for the whole day and night. I need to be satisfied, which till our first time I never was satisfied by my husband" I told her "Nandini , I will make sure that I pleasure you and satisfy your wants and needs throughout my stay there" She said "Sham, there are certain sexual acts that I used to ask my husband to do but he used to refuse as he is very conservative" I told her "Nandini , you just tell me what you want and how to do it and I will do it because you are just too much and I know that will enjoy myself" After that we kissed and caressed each other for a while, then fell asleep. When we were awake at 4.30am, we roamed around the room in the nude, just fondling and caressing each other, or just lying in each others arms, enjoying the feel of each others bodies. At 8am she got a call from her husband, she looked to the mobile and said its her husband and said, "Put your cock into me, Fuck me while I am talking to him, I want to know that I am being pleasured in spite of his call" and lying down, spread her legs wide.

I knelt between her legs and started fucking her, my hands on her breasts, pressing them. Her voice was husky as I stroked in and out of her. She put on the speaker phone so that her hands were free to caress me, speaking to her husband at the same time. He told her "You sound sleepy" She said "No. It's just that I was wakened to take your call and now I am feeling good" He said "I hope you that you are returning tonight" She said "Darling, I will finish my work by evening and I will return home soon”, and later on they said bye to each other and they disconnected. She turned to me and said "raj, fuck harder now, because I am excited as you were fucking me while my husband was on line and I am feeling like I am coming" I started thrusting harder into her and she came emitting a high pitched "". I too started to come and as I did I just fell on top of her, and she put her arms around me holding me against her.After a while she sat up in bed, and I placed my head in her lap, next to her wonderful pussy. She said "raj Darling I want you to fuck me in the ass just once. Will you do it" I said "Darling if that is what you want, though I would not want to, I will" I was playing with her breasts, they were so beautiful. She said "If you don't..." and I stopped her saying "Nandini Darling for you, anything" I dozed off for a moment in her lap and when I awoke she said "Will you fuck me in the ass now" I said "Yes, Nandini for that is what you want" She got up and went to her bag and took out a tube of Vaseline, which she applied on my cock, and asked me to the same to her ass, applying it for easy entry. She then knelt again and said "Enter me, and don't worry about me. When you feel like coming, do so. I just want to know what it feels like to have a cock in my bum" I spread her buttocks and slowly entered her tight ass, then started stroking. It was different from her warm and beautiful cunt. She said "raj yessss, this feels good, but

Not as good as you being in my cunt, but finish it off as soon as you wish" I stroked in and out of her ass for a while and then when I was coming, told her and she said "Pull out and discharge on my back" I did so, my erect cock spurting over her back., then fell on her my cum wetting my stomach. When we were normal again, she rose and taking my hand led me to the bathroom, where we showered, kissing and holding each other. We dried ourselves off and returned to bed. She said "If only my husband had been as good as you, I…" I shut her up by kissing her and told her "Nandini Darling, never again bring your Husband into the picture, this is between you and me. You are wonderful and beautiful and you have given yourself to me for whom I am happy and enjoying. If you are enjoying yourself too, let us just spend whatever time we can together and you fulfill your dreams with me. You are my Beautiful, Beautiful Lover and you are Special and always will be" She said "Sweetheart, thank you for everything but there are still some Things that I want to experience" And I told her "Nandini Darling, whatever, whenever, you will go back with your wishes fulfilled". Then we took some rest on the bed and would make love again. When we were in each others arms she told me "Bobby Darling, there are two things I would like to do" I said "What Nandini Darling?" She said "I would like to suck on your Cock and I would like you to kiss and lick my Cunt for me" I told her "Darling, you want it, it will be done"After that we had our breakfast, and took rest for 1 hour and we were in bed having made love, and I felt a sleep for few minutes and suddenly I got a warm feeling on my Cock.

Nandini had woken before me and finding my cock erect had taken me in her mouth. Her mouth was moving up and down the length of my cock, lingering on the head, my foreskin pulled back. She took her mouth off my cock, and took my balls in her mouth, sucking on them, rubbing my cock with her hand. I reached for her breasts, pressing them, pinching her nipples, as I enjoyed the exquisite pleasure of her mouth on me. Once again she took me in her mouth, sucking and licking my cock; my hips had lifted off the bed, due to the wonderful blow job that she was giving me. I felt my self start to come and told her "Darling, I am coming" She clutched on to my hips, sucking my cum into her mouth as I discharged, sucking me dry. She continued sucking and licking my cock till I went limp, then came and snuggled into my shoulder saying "Only one more wish of mine is left" I told her "Nandini Darling it will happen now". I needed to piss so I went to the toilet, but she came with me and held my cock as I peed. Then she sat on the toilet and peed too and I watched her as she did. We had a bath together, soaping and washing each other, then dried each other off, and had our lunch. We came back to bed, and lay down next to each other. Then I told her "Nandini , I am going to fulfill your next wish" and pushing her onto her back, spread her arms and legs wide. I told her "Let me now please you" I was between her legs, and lying down on her, I started kissing licking her face, eyes, ears, nose, lips, neck and finally came to her breasts. I sucked on them, pushing them up licking sucking and biting on the underside. She was emitting low moans of " yes, that's wonderful, don't stop" I proceeded down to her stomach licking and sucking, leaving love marks all over her. I slipped my tongue into her navel, sucking on her belly button. I went down to her thighs avoiding her pussy which was moist and glistening with her juices. I licked and sucked on the inner side of her thighs and then gently kissed her vagina and her body shook with

Expectancy, her hips coming up to give me more freedom. I spread her pussy lips and took her clitoris in my mouth, sucking On it as it became erect, like a mini-cock. One hand of mine was between her buttocks, fingering her asshole, and the other was above squeezing and pressing her breasts. She spread her legs even wider, and I slid my tongue into her pussy, tasting her juices. Her hands came to my hair holding me against her as I suck, licked and kissed her PUSSY, still emitting her moans. Then her hands tightened around my head pausing me deep into her PUSSY as she came. Her body relaxed and she pulled me up to her, kissing my lips wet with her cum. I asked "Nandini Darling, are you happy" She said "No, not happy, just ecstatic and satisfied for once in my life. You are hard just fuck me now" I did so with slow and languorous strokes, and then emptied myself into her. We spent the next few hours, making love, enjoying each others bodies. Later on she again paid me Rs.5000/- and then we check-out from the hotel. And we went to the Air port. On the way she asked my full details and I said everything frankly because she was really good. In that conversation I said about my Work, for which she stopped at the shop and went into the shop and came back. And I don’t know what she done there. When we Reached at Airport, she kissed me on the chick and given me an envelope and said “don’t open it until I my flight take off”. She said bye to me and she went.I came back to the home and I opened the envelope and I was shocked to see that it contains a cheque of Rs.25, 000. And a letter in which she wrote that she was happy for it and it was my gift from her and whenever I need anything I could call her for help and she had given her full details in that. To my Darling Nandini : “Dear, thanks for everything for your gift and for the sex and I hope that we will meet soon and I am sorry that I had changed your name in this story. Thanks once again, yours darling raj”.Hope that you had enjoyed my story, and I hope that you will give me your comments and corrections so that in my next story I can improve everything. And dear ladies don’t feel shy and dare to get your dreams in sex. Any kind of girls, ladies and aunties can mail me. I don’t bother about the age, widows, divorcees, married any one can write to me. All details will be kept secretly.My email ID is: fromdk@yahoo.com


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